Interim site manager for technical projects

Are you looking for a specialized interim site manager for the realization of technical projects? Then you can go to WTSC. I am very experienced in coordinating technical projects and can realise this for you.

WTSC for coordination in the realization of technical projects or constructions

As a site manager I can take a lot of work off your hands. I ensure that a technical project or construction work is delivered at the agreed time, according to the requirements and within the financial budget and can be transferred to the customer. As the person ultimately responsible for the correct delivery of the installation or construction, I ensure the coordination of all construction and assembly activities and all related activities. As the main contractor, I manage the entire team of subcontractors and ensure that the project runs smoothly. Of course I will keep you informed about the progress of the project and I will be your permanent point of contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Site manager for a variety of projects

WTSC specializes in all activities related to technical consultancy, making mechanical engineering designs or as a technical site manager in the realization of technical installations. I can even take care of this range of projects for you. Feel free to use my excellent expertise and extensive experience in this field of technical installations. I can take care of a wide variety of projects in construction, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. I have experience in projects such as the realization of drawbridges to offshore equipment, mechanical constructions for boats, heavy cranes or pipe laying installations.

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Interested in my services as a Site manager?

Are you interested in what I can do for you as a Site manager / installation manager? Please feel free to contact me to make an appointment without obligation. The most practical thing is to meet on location so that I can immediately form a picture of your wishes. I can be reached by telephone 7 days a week on 06-20208700.